Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Navigation Research

1. Mozilla
I think I like this website. The navigation is very clear, the design also very clean. Really easy for me to find what I want. The first page show us big icons and links to the newest browser and add ons, straight to the point to promote their products. I think that also because usually what user want when they go to software website is to download the software or plug ins, so they directly put the link there to make user can easily download their stuff. They also do not just give the links to download, but also provide small link about the product details, in case user want to know more about the product. The top navigation also straight to the point, easy to see.

When I go to the products page, there's two icons of the product in the middle of the page as the navigation to more specific page for each product. Below the title there's breadcrumbs navigation that shows the "depth" of the page.
For page with more content, there's sub navigation where all content being listed. The depth of the content showed by indent.

For even more content like page for developer, it lead us to somewhat micro site with more focus in its topics. There's navigation using tabs for the main topics, sub navigation at left hand side for sub topics, and normal text links for more specific topics.
Overall the site have very good and clear navigation. Each page maintains the consistency like the top navigation and breadcrumbs navigation. For page with many content they separate it and make it have its own specific page.

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