Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Websites With Good Typography

1. Switch On

The thing that I like about this website is their clever use of icon in their typography. Even though the letter changed into another object, we still be able to know what the word they want to say here. Simple yet clean and clear, the typography make it easier for user to read. To emphasize/differentiate few parts they either use another color or make the fonts become bold.


The typography of this simple website catch my attention because of their use of color and different weight in their typography. The different color giving "levels" to each words, make it easy for user to "categorize" the word. The color use also not boring, with pink as the highlight of the usual boring black gray.

3. Simplify Your Work - Microsoft Office

I think in this website the fonts really reflect the theme of simplicity, using handwritten style fonts. The color use of typography also nice, showing clearly the levels. The fonts that they choose even though it's a handwritten style still easy to read.

4. Lectures on Architecture
Nice simple use of typography, especially on the top of the page. Nice, interesting color combination and nice choice in fonts.

5. International Street and Open Air Theatres Festival

This interesting website that only have words inside really play well with typography. Even though all the content are words without images, user still feel curious to browse around the website. The play with typography also very nice, they differentiate the colors, fonts, and size to different "levels" to make us easy to see and differentiate each word's function.

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Chen said...

I like the switch on website. The hierarchy is quite obvious. Very interesting, the way they play with the element.