Friday, February 1, 2008

Mentally and Physically Tired

I'm mentally and physically tired right now. And no, I'm not blaming any particular subject. But I will blame the overall crazy schedule. We really don't get enough sleep and rest for the last two weeks. I feel stressed, and I also can feel the tension in our class. We all are tired like dead.
Even in Friday we don't get any rest!

We need to rush for all assignment that for last two weeks we sleep at 4am++ then getting up early for morning class, go back home at 5-6pm++, sleep until 7-9pm, do assignment again until 4-5am, and the circle continue again and again. Even though we work like crazy we also still can't finish our assignment. If we are keep procrastinating our work and then can't finish it on time, I can understand, that our own fault. But now, we work everyday on our assignment, got the tension to create great idea, but we don't have enough time to even think, develop, and execute it.

I really am in my highest breaking point now. Last night we do Digital Media 2 until 6am, and then sleep for 6 hours. I think I get enough sleep already, but no, even with 6 hours sleep my head still banging like mad. I can't think clearly when I attend the class. Even worse when the class end up so late, about 7pm++, have dinner, walk home, it's already 9pm. I sleep for almost 3 hours but I can't sleep peacefully, even in my dreams I keep thinking about my assignment. Now I wake up, in denial to do my assignment. I just feel like skipping it and go to sleep. Yes, I got choice where I can sleep now, but too bad if I sleep I will have no time to finish my assignment later.

*sigh* I really am tired, and for now maybe I still can hold on, but I don't know if it's already in mid term. I guess we REALLY need exploration week to relax our mind later. It's good that for now we got Chinese New Year holiday to give us a break, but after the holiday surely we will facing even worse condition, and in this time is where we need exploration week. I don't know why TOA don't give us exploration week anymore, since without exploration week, it really is killing us.

The end note is... GIVE ME A BREAK!!! =___________=

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