Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Walk in flash!

Finally, last Friday I finished my digital media 2 assignment for The Walk. Big thanks to Wahyu for helping me a lot in scripting and "modeling" ;p
View the flash here:
The Walk

Btw, I really want to say THANK YOU to Jo for extending our deadline for Web Design I. When I heard that she extent the deadline, I feels like something heavy on my shoulder lifted. Thank you so much Jo! ^________^ Also thanks to Sook Chiung for trying to cheer us up by showing the very interesting and funny animation. It really make my day :) It's like... finally there's a refreshment for the whole weeks! I feel my mood become lighter after I watch the animation. Also thanks for helping me in doing my design+the reassuring advice you give to me :)

And oh yeah, temporary design for my Project 1 in WebDesign I
OK, enough blogging for now. Must continue doing my typography assignment!

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