Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Healing Therapy Website

Finished this website yesterday, but only make the screenshot today :p
The layout basically not much different from the first layout that I do at class, just a bit adjustment on size, color mood and images. Finished this approximately 2hours and 50ish minutes T.T
I'll try my best to do as fast as I can, but that's the fastest that I can do :(
Index Page

Lavender Therapy Products Page
Green Tea Therapy Products Page
Wow, this experience of quick designing really made me panic in doing my work. But I know that it's important to work fast, sometimes out deadline can be very near.
The thing that I did to shorten my working time:
- Not putting many CSS codes
- Using simple style of design
- Same layout for every pages
- Move my hand and brain as quick as I can
- Not putting many effects on design
I don't know if my way of shortening my working time is good or not, but those are the things that I did to help me anyway @_@

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