Saturday, January 26, 2008

Random Post

Just now I take a nap.
I dreamed I was in a Mamak place and try to order a drink.
The weird part is...
I'm trying to choose which drink I want and which drink I don't want using action script!



This semester really feels like crazy to me. At first I think it's because of the really busy schedule that we get. But when I think about it again, what really troubles me is that I don't have a strong will to do my assignment. I really don't know why. Even in 1st year 2nd term where I think the schedule is the craziest, I always have motivation when it comes to assignment. I feel bad, uninspired, and unmotivated this semester. Luckily this semester I spent many times doing assignment together with Chen and Selvia. It helps to motivate my working spirits, a bit. I don't know why I really can't get myself into the mood to work this semester. I hope my mood will back after Chinese New Year holiday though.

And about CNY, as if want to make my day worse and worse, I can't get ticket to go back to my hometown *sigh* I miss my family. But when I think about it again, maybe it'll be a good opportunity for me to do some introspections about my current condition when I'm alone his holiday.

Well, apart from my bad mood, I must agree that programming is interesting. Reminds me back in my high school days when I madly in love with html and start learning turbo pascal and c++(well, befriending a computer genius can do this to you). I still remember clearly about html, which is good because it'll help me in webdesign subject; but losing half of my turbo pascal and c++ knowledge =.= My turbo pascal knowledge is not as bad as c++ though, since I'ved learned it for 2 years, but that's the bad point, since as I remember action script 3.0 resembles c++ more that turbo pascal. Everytime I go to Digital Media 2 class I always hoped I bring my notes from my high school days so it helps me understand AS3 more. But the chance for me to go back to Indonesia is only on next term =.=

Btw, random doodle, dunno why this term I really like to draw this bunny again

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