Sunday, January 13, 2008

Story for Project 1

1. My first story is about cattles in a small village that get bored bcause they do the same job everyday. Chicken lay eggs, Cow produce milk or mow the lawn, etc. So one day, the cow have an idea about how to ease they boredom. They plan to held a sumo match at night, when their owner go to sleep. My site will have few section, like: home, story/about/explanation, dress
up/equipment/accesories, training diary, match, mini games. Mini games will contain another game, like guarding the match, make sure farmers/breeders do not know that their cattles having sumo match, etc.

2. The second story is quite similar with the first one, but here 12 chinese zodiac are the characters. Because I think if I do the first one, if the cattles do sumo match at night then in the morning they'll be tired... So I choose the 12 chinse zodiac as the subtitue..

3. The third story is about a boy that dreamed to become a sumo wrestler, so the website will contain his journey to reach his dreams. From where he got his motivation, his experience as a junior rikishi, his training, food consumption, first match, etc.

Well, I e-mailed these stories to Joe and Sook Chiung, and they choose the first story. What do you guys think? Give me some comment please! :)


Chen said...

I agree with joanne. I think the 1st one is more interesting. I think you can refer to Enid Blyton's story books as references. Popular has one whole lot of them. I remember reading them when I was young and it gave me quite an imagination reading them. Maybe from there you can explore more on the possibilities of animals having their own lifestyle at night.

JL said...

ya,.... i agree too.. cuz the 1st 1 is most long.... hahaha... kidding lar... is really interesting.. until im not so faham semua u write la.. sorry for my bad english ya... hehe.. support u