Thursday, January 17, 2008

WebDesign I

So past Wednesday we have brainstorming session, and from there I got some new ideas. I think we must do this again every week, it really helps ;) Even though I feel sooooo tired after the brainstorming session. We agreed to do some brainstorming session again next Monday to discuss about our moodboard. Speaking of moodboard, last night Chen come to our place to do it. Supposed to do since 10.00 but I overslept until 11 something :p Some more after that we eat and have a long chat, in the end we started to work at 1.00 LOL

We started to find references for our art direction, browsing many many illustration artist's website. I wish I have skill as good as those Illustrators, their work are very very interesting. I also do some research for the barn and cattle. For cattle no such luck though, still need more research. Dunno why when I search in using the keyword "barn", the outcome are mostly nude photography in barn @_@

Well, here some illustration website that I like:
Steve Simpson
Chris Turnham
Judith Drews
David Michael
Two Fish Illustration
Take a look at their works! They're all so talented :) Maybe you guys can get more inspiration from there :)
Ahh need to go for Digital Media Class now~ See you later guys :)

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