Monday, January 14, 2008

Web Analysis

1. DrawingArt // Listen, The Silence - Web Design and Development Studio
Okay, the first website that I want to review is DrawingArt, a website design studio. I like this website because it's so neat, easy to navigate and elegant. Since the first time I open it, I can see clearly the grid system in it. The navigation button also quite obvious, make us easy to navigate the site, very user friendly. I also liked the art direction that brings out elegance.
The grid system can be divided like I show below:

2. Wintuk

This website is a site for a drama performance. I really love the art direction, it's so interesting how the graphics looked like they've been drawn by crayons. The color theme also very nice, giving us cold feeling, like we really in winter season. The navigation also quite clear, have some interesting interactive like e-card, games, etc. Here's the grid system: 3. Checkland Kindleysides

The last one is the simplest among others, but it's interesting. It also got everything that I like in website: neat, clean, easy to navigate, elegant design. This website is a website of design company. I like how everytime we change the page, the cut out paper also will be different. And the animation also nice, like the screenshot I give above. The grid system also very clear, make is looks tidy but not boring.

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